International Video Art interactive exhibition 'The Video Night in Jumoku' 
[ 2005/09/18 ]
2005, 17th, September
From 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Venue: Toyota Museum

It is an open-air video show with themes of "cultural difference" and the "coexistence of humans with nature".
Hopefully, the event will encourage a deeper consideration of the theme of "internationalism" and "symbiosis with nature" among the general public.
The "Environment" is a global resource, and we need international discussions to solve the problems regarding it. Fine Art offers a tremendous opportunity of overcoming cultural and language differences as the visual communication.

Condition for selection of works;
The selected video works will have a theme of either "cultural differences" or "environment". (or both would be acceptable)
The video should have a running time of less than 10 min

* Works will be mainly by invited international artists, and also there will be a few collection of works.

About the event site;
The venue of the event is the "Watchtower", which is located at the Toyota Museum.
The "Watchtower" is build by a fine artist Tadashi Kawamata with Wip Toyota. The group, Wip Toyota, is aiming at landscape activities in Toyota, particularly using wood.
The site excels as a successful example of an artistic activity in the community.
Hopefully, the event will collaborate with the site to produce an experience of communication within an artistic space.

International Design Center NAGOYA, Inc

Understanding Video Art
The incorporation of an art event into the Expo theme will hopefully be effective in diversifying the approach to attracting the interest of different groups of people.
It is expected that the diversification will help to establish a deeper understanding of the Expo theme.
People tend to consider Video Art as a difficult area of contemporary art in comparison to other art such as sculpture or painting that have long histories.
To set up a partnership with Expo is helpful in changing people's attitude toward Video Art, because Expo is already established within society.

出典 / 関連リンク :

ICET - Center for International Cultural Exchange of Technology
Nagoya, Japan and Berkeley, California