[ 2014/04/17 ]
tiny editable jQuery Bootstrap spreadsheet

We built a tabular data editor for MindMup. Yes, there are plenty of existing widgets such as this, but the ones we could find were either too magic (automatically generated tables with custom styles, interrupting normal focus flow, faking selection with background styles, flash-based copy-paste) or too big (good ones start at 200KB).

MindMup targets recent browsers, so with HTML5, everything we need can fit into less than 3K. We built this tiny tiny editor that does everything we need, does not impose any particular additional CSS, does not fight DOM but uses it as normal, works well with Bootstrap styling, and fits nicely into jQuery event processing.


出典 / 関連リンク : http://mindmup.github.io/editable-table/

ICET - Center for International Cultural Exchange of Technology
Nagoya, Japan and Berkeley, California