Read a ROM with Arduino  
[ 2012/07/09 ]
Stick a Straw in Its Brain and Suck: How to Read a ROM

Last week I posted a screed about that peculiarly modern variant of grave-robbing, ROM-dumping. That was the Why; this post is the How.

Dumping the contents of a ROM onto your computer is surprisingly simple. All you need to get started is:

An Arduino Mega or similar board 1 (youll need at least 24 I/O pins).
A breadboard
An EPROM to read
Some wires and a wire stripper
Your wits 2
Thats all. Gather your materials and lets get cracking!

Step negative one: What are ROMs for?
ROM is an old term for Read-Only Memory. Nowadays these chips are often more correctly referred to as non-volatile memory, but it boils down to the same thing: theyre chips that store data even after you unplug your computer. When a digital device turns on, it effectively has amnesia. The only information it has about the world is whats stored on its ROMs. So the first thing many devices do when they wake up is start reading instructions from a ROM. Its like Guy Pearces tattoos 3 for your computer.

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